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Sydney Vostok is a longrunning Volleyball Club, with roots dating back to 1958 when quite a number of the original founders started playing together at the University of N.S.W. grounds. It was in 1962 that the Club was formally founded, its members consisting mainly of young Russian expatriates from China. We hope Vostok continues the long and proud tradition created by those in the 1960’s and hope you can help us continue it.

Latest News

State Cup Bronze Medals Winners

Vostok Men Div1 played at the State Cup 5 today. Vostok started very well by beating a strong team “ForHung” 25:21 in the first set, but unfortunately lost a momentum in the second set and could not come back in the third set and lost the match 1:2.
In the second game the team dominated over Lynx team and won it 2:0.
Vostok had to at least draw with NSW state U19 team (they would represent the state at AJVC this year).

The first set was a roller coaster when Vostok was leading 5 points on the beginning of it, then SVNSW U19 team took a leadership was leading 23:18. But Vostok fought back and had a set point at 25:24. Both teams did not want to give up but someone had to win, and it was SVNSW U19 who took the opening set 32:30.
Vostok did not have a choice but to win the second set. And Vostok was dominating the whole set when a time ran out at score 22:18 to Vostok.
Th draw was enough for Vostok team to finish second in the pool and progress to the semifinal when they met Honours ASIMS team.
But Vostok did not want to give up at all and fought against the very strong team. But Vostok could not beat the opponent in the first set 20:25.
Vostok started the second set extremely well and was leading till the score 15:8. But few own mistakes in defence and attack and the advantage dissipated. At the end of the second set Vostok could not hold against strong hitters from Asims and lost the set 23:25.
In the bronze medal match Vostok played against So9ging. The whole first set the opponent was leading and was very close to win it but Vostok could break very strong defence of So9ging 25:23. Vostok was dominating the whole second set and took it 25:20 and the game 2:0.
After winning the gold medals at State Cup 2 Vostok team has got bronze medals at State Cup. Well done team!!!

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